Swollmate - Find the Perfect Workout Buddy Today!

What's a swollmate? Nowadays with so many distractions like Netflix, social media, and video games its hard to find the motivation to get healthy but what if there was a way to fix this. There are also many people getting cyber bullied and one great solution is to simply get off your computer and exercise. It has been shown in numerous studies that exercise helps relive stress, anxiety, and depression. The one thing which can help users get motivated to hit the gym is a workout buddy. A buddy who can spot you. A buddy who runs with you. A buddy who challenges your goals. Swollmate finds the perfect workout buddy by looking at your profile and letting you see other user's similar interests. After you've logged in through a google account and made your profile, if both you and another user 'liked' each other you will be able to chat and schedule a workout day!

How we built it Our project is an Android app made using Android Studios in Java. For the servers and most of the backend, we used Firebase.

Challenges we ran into Finding the algorithm to actually match two users who 'liked' each other was mentally the hardest part- it involved critical thinking and many tweaks at the end. We also ran into numerous Android related quirks and bugs, most of which only occurred on the emulator. Our final challenge was having half of our team drop out. We spent a lot of time getting our code and emulators working on their laptops so having them leave just wasted our limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of This was the first project where the whole team used Firebase and half of us had never worked with servers before. We are also super excited that the app is in its final stages, we can put the app on the app store as early as next week!

What we learned

  • Firebase and general server/database management
  • More unique android issues/techniques
  • Fixing complex merge conflicts on github
  • Google login
  • Overall teamwork

What's next for Swollmate We hope to post the app on the app store by this month and start working on an Iphone version ASAP!

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