Inspiration: Break down and lack of HIPAA compliant communication, document sharing, and order processing and approval across all continuums of healthcare.

What it does: Mobile order viewing & signing, mobile document scanning & sharing, efax integration, referral/inquiry sharing, HIPAA compliant text messaging. Enables users to have HIPAA compliant solutions across all levels of care without requiring EMR integration. Better user experience and ease of use.

How we built it: Through collaboration between between developers, physicians, healthcare facilities, and hospice companies.

Challenges we ran into: Corporate Red tape for approval for beta testing in certain facilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Successful integration and proof of concept in a mobile senior care medical group and hospice company.

What we learned: User acquisition and product roll out are most challenging with many speed bumps. Market research and user feedback are critical.

What's next for Swizle App: Road map includes: AI/Bot development for HIPAA text messaging. Development of unique scheduling/physician provider healthcare distribution feature. Development of Patient centered app which communications with existing operational/administrative app. Will have solution for onboarding/intake of patients.

Create an overall solution in the healthcare space which is much better user experience, ease of access, much simpler, and solves real problems in efficient ways.

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