Our inspiration comes from the idea that the world will change after the Covid 19 crisis. Space, time and experience will have to be redefined. During this hackathon we started a platform that connects all such projects in Switzerland in the future.

What it does

A unique platform capable of :

  • Connecting with any type of source, easily accessible by partners and end-customers
  • A standard reference tool for cultural and art-related events in Switzerland
  • A platform that is scalable and adaptable to adjust to new business models that will derive from the COVID 19 crisis.

How we built it

We coordinated all efforts in Slack with regular calls, we used collaborative tools such as Google Docs and Trello. We also created personas of the people who will be using in order to find out what the best approach and feature set should be.

The platform is very easily extensible, scalable and connectable.

Challenges we ran into

Technical resources are often a challenge. But we managed to get something working up thanks to the effort of everyone. Working across multiple timezones (all the way to Hong Kong) can also cause some challenges, but we managed to turn them into an advantage.

Accomplishments we're proud of

Great collaboration of the team across multiple timezones all the way to Hong Kong, and a good result which can act as a basis to build something long term and sustainable on top. And it works and can create value from day one. Also, we're quite proud that we managed to put the video together as a team in such a short time.

What we learned

How to use collaborative tools across continents in a very international team. How to communicate and work effectively together. That we can "move mountains" as a team.

What's next for Switzerland is

  • Create Team
  • Validate business model
  • Continue populating the platform we built during the Hackathon with content
  • Market search and clarification of business needs
  • Offer creation and with institutions or local group
  • Fine tuning the prototype and test it with the market
  • Improve and keep building on platform

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