THE REPO DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR WORDSAPI KEY. If you want to test the application, place this key: "BtjH12yBcPmshKuD4PJVIeB2OIvpp1jC193jsnpDHT6BR9sKBa" in a text file called api.txt in the resources folder of the visual studio solution. It has a daily limit of 2500 PER WORD, after which it charges us, so use it very sparingly, if at all.


A combination of Madlibs and thesaurus searching

What it does

Give the user the ability to swap in synonyms, lengthen or shorten the text body, or randomize everything

How we built it using Visual Studio IDE and Blender for the dinosaur

Challenges we ran into

Parsing text, dynamically creating web controls, formatting images and text in columns and rows

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proper utilization of an API, styled an entire website with proper colors and layout

What we learned

How to code, how to make a website, how to interface with a restful api

What's next for Switchasaurus

Hosting and registering a domain name, setting up ad-revenue, and purchasing a higher tier of word api for higher traffic

Built With

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