Project Hackathon : Switch_off-covid19


To screen rapidly the Covid19 proteins for new ligands To use small libraries of FDA approved and natural molecules (about 2000 molecules). To rapidly identify new ligands of the Covid19 proteins To reposition FDA approved drugs and natural compounds for the treatment of covid-19.

How ?

To use an innovative approach called switchSense To use our expertise and the expertise of Dynamic Biosensor (DBS) who created the approach To cross-link virus proteins on oligonucleotides that serve as detector To use only small amount of virus protein (200µg)

What are our success factors ?

SwitchSense is an innovative robust approach Need little protein by screen We propose a rapid protocol by prepare sub-libraries Our team has all expertise, tools and material

Who are we ?

Coordinators are recognized experts Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier (I2BC, Gif-s-Yvette) Ralf Strasser (Dynamic Biosensor, Munich) With the help of three internationally recognized experts in structural biology: Leonard Chavas (Synchrotron Soleil, St Aubin), JC Cintrat (Responsible of screening platform, Saclay) and Alexey Rak (Sanofi expert in drug design, Vitry)

What do we provide and what we need ?

We provide 66% of the budget Salaries of 3 engineers (100%) & 2 coordinators (20%) 140k€ ; Access to 2 switchSense instruments 40k€; Access to screening platforms 30k€; *Total 220k€ *

We ask for 33% of the budget Salaries for 2 engineers (6months) 50k€; Reagents of Libraries (FDA + Natural) 30k€; Consumables (proteins, purification) 30k€; *Total 110k€ *

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