The increasing shift to renewables and the declining costs of battery storage helps

What it does: Calculate cost savings for customers who would like to deploy energy storage and post deployment optimize the system to save money on energy.

How I built it

We divided and conquered the tasks. The front end is listed as a mobile application both for android and IOS. Android app is currently live as a beta and the IOS is under app store review. We used the ionic framework to develop both the apps. Back end is the Open Source Energy Storage Model, which was developed by one of our team members but prior to Suncode 2019.

Challenges I ran into: Integrating Genability, green button and osesmo into the switch api was particularly challenging is something

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Launching the mobile app on the google play store and training the predictive model of energy usage.

What I learned: Integration is essentially a challenge but requires a step by step process to identify the pain point and resolve effectively.

What's next for Switch: Rolling out our IOS app and train the predictive models to more accurately deploy energy based on customer loads.

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