The hardship for fast and especially personalized travel support when being on the move with the public transportation system since ever was big. Several Apps and services were needed in order to retrieve the informations for your journey and most likely you were not able to find out thing like "why is my train late" and "is there still something available at the station I will arrive, when I arrive?"

What it does

Our Chatbot enables the users to access all this and even more data through

How we built it

The AI as well as the workflow behind the bot was built using ChatFuel (an open and free framework for Messenger Chatbots). The backend services were realised with NodeJS, JavaScript, and JSON.

Challenges we ran into

Knowing absolutely nothing about JavaScript and backend development we went through a hard time to even address the small challenges of the project. We therefore focused mainly on the workflow and the "code free" service deployment and created an open framework for adding more features in the future.

Built With

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