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I wanted to learn a little bit about decision making and simple gaming in android.

What it does

I allows a user to challenge the CPU in a turn based stock market. The players start with a fixed amount of money, and every turn they can buy and sell stock, but be cautious, every stock price can change in every turn.

How I built it

I create an application using Android Studio with a multi activity setup. In the first one you select between single player and multi player(not yet implemented). Then the game starts, so far it consists of 10 turns of 10 seconds eachs. Both players start with 10000$ and every turn they can buy or sale stock of any company, at the end of the turn a simulation is performed and the stock prices go up or down, influencing the price of their current stock options. After the 10 turns, the player who has more money wins.

Challenges I ran into

Since the single player has to be able to be used without internet, all the stock simulations and cpu movements are performed on Android side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well the game worked, this is nice.

What I learned

Game development Decision Making Stock trading simulation

What's next for SwissquoteTradingGame

Next steps would be to implement the multiplayer feature.

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