The "Swipe to text" Application helps convert gesture derived hand-written text to ASCII character strings which can then be copied and ported to various other locations.

It has always been in my personal interests to convert hand written input into character strings that can be read and processed by computers. This hack of mine has brought me much closer to analyzing hand written text so that I may extract the character value it represents due to a new algorithm I devised by picking movements as the text is being written.

This application of mine potentially has a very large audience since it can be used to create character strings from hand written text and easily copy the same into just about any other application, hence allowing the user to expand the way he/she decides to handle his/her input method.

In addition to the common user, such a device will specifically be of great help to people lacking good motor skills needed to tap screens. Writing through this application will not only provide them with a highly capable environment for typing, but will also provide them with an opportunity to interact quickly and efficiently on their mobile devices.

The best feature in this hack of mine is the copy option that allows the user to copy the converted text and paste it just about wherever he/she wants to.

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