Buying swipes with the current UCLA Swipe Swap page is incredibly difficult. It takes a long time to scroll through all the possible options especially because many of these options are not aligned with the users preferences. In addition, many sellers are unresponsive, making dinner plans even more difficult. We wanted to simplify this process by providing a simple UI and matching algorithm and allow users to efficiently find a seller.

What It Does

Once a consumer initiates contact with the bot, it prompts them for information concerning the specifics of the meal. This includes the dining hall location, time, number of swipes, and purchasing price. The bot analyses this data and looks within its database for an active seller that has details relatively close to that of the buyer. The bot then sends the buyer a link to contact the seller and arrange the swipe swap.

How We Built It

The TinyDB database of current sellers is created by user inputs and scraped data from the UCLA Swipe Swap Facebook Group. We used Facebook Messenger API to build the main functionalities of the bot. We used Microsoft's Language Intelligence Service to help interpret text posts from the Facebook Group and process the requests sent to the bot.

Challenges We Ran Into

The first challenge we ran into during the design process was coming up with an efficient design that could gather the information we needed to match buyers and sellers. We also ran into issues with our functionality due to the limited tools available to us through Facebook Messenger Bot and the Graph API. One large issue with the API is the difficulty in scraping data off of a Closed Group for an app.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We're proud that we are producing an application that can positively influence the community at UCLA.

What We Learned

We learned that we should map out our projects in greater detail before writing code and dwell more on how to work around possible limitations in the technology that we are using for our project.

What's Next for SwipeSwapUCLA

The next step is to iron out bugs and add a few more features before releasing to the public.

SwipeSwapUCLA Swipes are tickets into dining halls (the most important currency) at UCLA. We help automate the swipe market.

Built With facebook-messenger-api python microsoft-natural-language-processing flask tinydb

Built With

  • facebook-messenger-api
  • flask
  • microsoft-natural-language-processing
  • python
  • tinydb
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