Our Story

Reflecting on our childhood, our team became nostalgic for the days of personalized sales assistance from a friendly-face in a corner shop. Swipesource seamlessly translates the power of the salesforce platform to brick and mortar retail – boosting sales and recreating personalized checkout.

Target Users

Small to medium size businesses (from family-owned to national chains) where customer touch is high, but the overhead of traditional CRM’s is prohibitive to use.

Product Summary

SwipeSource reimagines the relationship between a small business and its clientele. A customer’s credit card is used as a frictionless, opt-in tracking token to provide the consumer with loyalty rewards and the business with customer insights.

Feature Overview:

  • Mobile Payment Application

Frictionless checkout, tracking, and loyalty all in one simple app.

Each sales rep logs in to our mobile application using salesforce.com credentials. Once authenticated, a rep can checkout customers with a simple swipe of a credit card, properly attributing all sales made. First time customers are presented with the option to join the merchant’s loyalty program.

  • Merchant Dashboard

Connect with your customers, understand your business.

SMB business owners can login to our merchant dashboard to gain insights into sales trends, customer demographics, sales rep performance, and setup loyalty programs. With a focus on simplicity, we present information in an easily digestable format for the business operator.

  • Integration with Salesforce.com

Savvy merchants can harness the full power and potential of the Salesforce.com platform and reporting engine.

When a customer opts-in to the merchant’s loyalty program, Swipesource automatically creates a contact record and account for that customer and we store each transaction in an “opportunity” object in the “closed – sales won” state.

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