Meet SwipeShop

With SwipeShop, the perfect products are at your fingertips. Users can browse through items from popular shopping websites (Amazon, Etsy etcetera) quickly with a simple swipe.

Right = Yes. Left = No. Up = Related products. Down = More from this seller. Tap = more info on this product)

The SwipeShop team aims to centralise, simplify and personalise your shopping experience. Shopping with us will be a simple 3 step process:

  1. Users will input categories or search parameters.
  2. Approve products with a simple swipe.
  3. Review and confirm your purchase in Shopping Cart.

Who is SwipeShop for?

The SwipeShop is perfect for everyone!

Do you have no idea what gift to get your mate? SwipeShop is ideal for gift-givers looking for the perfect gift idea.

Wanting to online shop while bored in class? Flip through items quickly and subtly with the SwipeShop.

Our Team

The SwipeShop team is dedicated to developing a high quality, user-friendly app to let you shop with ease.

Ben Brazier James Ferguson Mai Nguyen Shani de Leeuw

Why We Need You

We are a group of university students in need of funding to help our idea become a reality.

Video proof of concept limitations + challenges

There are 2 working prototypes that showcase different aspects that will be incorporated into the final design: Android app prototype - does not work with a database yet, shows that it works as an app Web app prototype - works with a database, shows that it can interact with external shopping websites such as Amazon.

The SwipeShop team aims to deliver a functional, high quality application as soon as possible.


What if I accidentally swipe the wrong way? Users can view a log of all items generated for their searches and change their choice.

When will I receive the items that I have bought? Unfortunately, SwipeShop does not control how soon an item will arrive at your doorstep; the delivery of items are at the discretion of the seller.

Is SwipeShop secure? The SwipeShop team is dedicated to providing you with a reliable place to shop. We will never expose your personal information to anyone without your permission. All charges (credit and debit) are processed through a secure payment server (Paypal) to ensure your data is safeguarded.

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