We got tired of UCLA not being transparent about how many swipes we have. No one has time to actively track/log their swipes. We found a solution.

What it does

Walk by any cafe/dining hall around campus and a notification pops up on your phone, prompting you to tap "Swipe". That's it. We handle the rest so you can always stay on top of your swipe count.

Then through the app, see your swipe history so you can either: (a) feel good about how many times you went to BPlate (b) feel bad about how you need to go to BPlate more often

How we built it

We used iOS 10's geofencing notification API to spawn notifications based on user location, and we store the user's data on device using Core Data.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with presentation segues for transitioning between View Controllers was tough.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the geofencing working properly and accurately was awesome

What we learned

How to use iOS's location services and geofencing

What's next for Swiper

We're going to make it easier and easier to passively track swipes. We'll work on automating the swipe logging based on time of day, and historical patterns. We'll process those patterns using machine learning algorithms to make the app better and better at not annoying the user with swipe notifications too often when passing by restaurants.

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