Food insecurity is a serious problem at Rutgers. A massive 36.9% of undergraduate students are classified as food insecure to varying extents. That means that over one in three undergrads at Rutgers is not able to provide sufficient food for his or her self. Meanwhile, countless Rutgers students end their semesters with anywhere from 30 to 100 leftover meal swipes, especially freshmen that are required to get at least 210. Though Rutgers students are allowed to donate meal swipes to combat food insecurity, they are capped off at donations of two meal swipes. The issue is certainly not helped by the comparatively steep price of eating at the dining hall without swiping in. That's where our app come in.

What it does

Swiper No Swiping, our app, is simple, and intuitive. Users of the app will enter their name, phone number, and how many guest swipes the user can provide. That data is then stored in our server's database, along with the user's location. Users of the app will then be able to toggle whether they are capable of providing meal swipes or not, and if they are in need of a swipe into the dining hall or not. The app will then traverse our database of all of our users and connect users in need of a meal swipe with a user in the surrounding area, and they will then negotiate the rest of their exchange.

How we built it

Our code consists of a frontend and a backend. In the frontend, we used Android Studio to create an app stores the information of users in a database, and then send a message to the database stating if the user is looking to provide a swipe or if the user is requesting a swipe. The backend of our code, is where we store the data of our users in the Google Firebase, compute the location of each user using Locator and Maps SDK for Android and send/receive messages to users using the twilio API.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered some difficulty when combining the backend of our code with our frontend, as they were created in different applications and different languages. Additionally our team hadn't used the Google Cloud Platform, Google Firebase or Locator before this so we had to do a lot of self teaching in order to get our code to a functional state.

What's next for "Swiper No Swiping?"

With more time, our team would like to create a messaging service within the app powered by Twilio as well as a built-in payment service possibly incorporating Venmo. We'd also like to release our app on Apple devices and improve our user interface.

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