Recruiters have thousands of resumes they need to look through. Often times they only spend a few seconds looking over each resume. Our goal was the help them expedite the process by making a web application which can let them go through resumes quickly.

What it does

While it's important for them to find good candidates, they need a tool which expedites the process of looking through resumes. SwipeDreams is a web application boasting a simple interface with a quick and easy work flow. All a recruiter needs to do is swipe right to accept a resume or swipe left to reject it. Any mistakes can be easily undone with a tap of a button.

How I built it

We built this application using AngularJS as the front end, NodeJS and Express as the back end, and postgresql as a database to store resumes and users.

Challenges I ran into

We split off into two teams, front end and back end. We both faced technologies we had either never used or had little experience with. Our back end team was unfamiliar with postgresql and faced many challenges while learning it while the front end team learned AngularJS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of being able to deploy something to Heroku. We put in a lot of hard work and we accomplished a lot in the short amount of time we were given. Not only did we learn a lot, but we were also partially successful in making a good demo-able project.

What I learned

I learned a lot about AngularJS and deploying technologies to Heroku.

What's next for SwipeDreams

we would eventually like to expand SwipeDreams into a more robust recruiting platform where potential applicants can apply through.

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