Today, politics has become an avoiding topic in people's daily conversations, at the family's dinner table. People purposely avoid discussing politics. As the 2020 election getting closer and closer, we believe that it is important to learn more about the political system in this country so they can go out and vote with confidence and dignity.

This is why we created swipe to vote, a tinder-like platform that allows the user to interact with politics in an fun and unique way.

What it does

Swipe To Vote uses Tinder swiping mechanism that allows the user to read about politics in a fun and concise way. The app will first survey the user on the political topics they are interested in, and base on their selection, swipe to vote will provide political comments and stand from current politicians that are related to their interests. They can then "like" (swipe right) or "Nope" (swipe left) on these political stands so they will have a better understanding of which candidates they should vote for. Swipe to vote also introduce "blur mode", which blur out the profile of the political candidates, so the users are able to make unbias decisions when reading political stands. Swipe to vote also focuses on the local voting system, which by collection user's zip code, Swipe to vote will provide information regarding local candidates, voting location and time to encourage more people to step into the voting booth to vote.

How We built it

The team used HTML, CSS as front-end and python, flask as the back-end.

Challenges We ran into

The team meets challenges regarding to collecting user data and loading them to the backend and also couple javascript problems.

Accomplishments that We proud of

It works!

What's next for Swipe To Vote

We look forward to Swipe to vote to actually encourage people to vote and to feel more comfortable towards politics.

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