Some of humanities' greatest desires are love and money. After seeing how dating apps have helped individuals discover love, we decided to help individuals discover wealth through the same simple concept of swiping right or left.

What it does

  • Discover new, randomly generated stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn about each asset with an interactive chart, useful fundamental stats, and relevant news articles.
  • Swipe right to easily save an asset to your watchlist or left to never see it again.
  • Create, manage, and analyze your watchlist of stocks/cryptos, helping both experienced and new investors manage their portfolios.
  • Help the user make an informed decision about whether or not to add the asset to their watchlist.

How we built it

The front end is created in Flutter, allowing us to ship Android, IOS, and web versions of the application. Asset information is retrieved with the Yahoo Finance API and parsed on the local device. We also use the to gather relevant news about each asset.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding out how to balance having the app be fast and easy to use without sacrificing valuable information
  • Building the UIs for the graphs and swiping mechanisms were extremely difficult in our given timeframe
  • Getting familiar with Yahoo Finance and APIs
  • Sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The app is fully functional and is something we genuinely look forward to using ourselves
  • The Tinder-inspired UI looks great--the graphs and swiping mechanisms work smoothly
  • Getting the Yahoo Finance and APIs to work
  • Making the app work for BOTH crypto and stocks!
  • Making the app work well for both IOS and Android!

What we learned

  • Learned about the most important indicators that affect an investment decision
  • Learned a lot about working on a team and managing multiple contributors on the same GitHub repository
  • How to better manage our time with a tight deadline

What's next for Swipe

  • User accounts so that watchlists can transfer between different devices
  • Integrating with exchange platforms to buy and sell directly within the app
  • Show stats on what percentage of other users of the app swiped right on each asset
  • Add short tutorials for beginner investors, such as the basics of technical analysis or explaining how Bitcoin/proof of work works

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