The inspiration came from my love of programming particularly making games. The advancements in voice recognition and the increasing adoption of innovative devices line the Amazon Echo, opened up this opportunity and helped make it a reality

What it does

It is a numbers game where the user is presented with a random number ranging from one to fifty and they have to speak the directions corresponding to the number type i.e. They say down for odd numbers, left for even numbers less than 25, right for even numbers greater than 25 and up for prime numbers. Each correct answer earns them a point and correct prime number answers earn twice as much (since they are harder). The game continues until they get an answer wrong at which point they will restart.

How I built it

Most of the game logic was straight forward to implement in JavaScript, the more challenging elements were using the alexia-sdk to integrate the voice aspects. This was because I was not so familiar with working with natural language processing frameworks. But due to the very good documentation and tutorials available online I was able to build the Alexia Skill.

Challenges I ran into

Registering for an Amazon Web Service Account and getting my Lambda function to work (debugging).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first voice enable application and Alexia Skill.

What I learned

I have learnt how to be patient and take the time to plan before starting a challenging task and i have also gained useful knowledge on the use of the alexia-sdk and other Amazon Web Services

What's next for Swipe Numbers Skill

I hope to roll out more features, refine it existing ones and grow a user base.

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