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Swipe Master is an original game in which you control green face with your finger, trying to avoid red ones! Test your orientation sense having fun while doing it! See if you are skillful enough to cope with all levels and become a Swipe Master! :)

  • 48 levels with growing difficulty! Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • ON-line and OFF-line high scores! Beat WORLD RECORDS!
  • 3 game modes!
  • 20 unique songs!
  • Cool animations, graphics and LOADS OF FUN!

There are 2 types of levels in Swipe Master: Survival and Puzzle. In Survival levels your goal is to avoid red faces for given amount of time. In Puzzle levels you should lead your green friend towards the finish line, as fast as possible.

So far nobody finished "Play challenge" mode... Challenge accepted? :)

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