Swings have always been a special fascination. As children, we were playing around them. Today we remind the enjoyment which we felt while swinging. We felt disconnected from reality, weightless and free.
“Swing” brings these feelings back and makes a dream come true: the dream of flying.
Thus, the swing will become a physical component for an interactive installation. The use of an Oculus Rift enhances the swinging experience with virtual reality, creates a unique immersive adventure and sends you to a crafted watercolored world. We will port the application to the Samsung Gear.

While swinging you leave the drab monotony of everyday life behind, find a place to ease your mind and to regain your strength. You rise smoothly into the virtual world. The flight level depends on how long and how high you actually swing.

The starting point in the digital world is the same as in the physical world: on the ground. Here everything is pale and dull. When you have the courage to swing more intensively, you will fly higher and the vibrancy of colors increases. The climax is in space. Upon reaching it the world gains its maximum of color intensity. If you want to go down, you have to swing off. But the colors around you will stay vivid and bright.

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