Being from Nigeria is inspiration enough to do something about the rising increase of the already plagued polluted land and water. There is just no responsibility by either the Government or its people to protect the environment against pollution and the inevitable adverse global warming. I feel its time to make a change and we can only do this if we come together to make a difference. I believe there are people out there like me who wants to make a change, and are financially ok to make these changes, but can't possibly do it alone or has no platform to do these things. And here is where SWIIP can come in. A quick easy interface that allows for crowd funding to clean our society as well as payment for ones personal waste pickup by authorized agents who can maintain these waste will go a long way into improving our society.

What it does

This app simple allows an admin to post list of certain effected society and members who join in or willing to join in can simply raise funds till its enough to clean the affected society. They see a change in funds percentage immediately they make payment, hence they know they are, along with other people are walking towards a goal. They can also order for their personal waste pickup as well.

How I built it

I wanted something client sided and not bottled up by continuous loading across links with a state management, so i used React. I also integrated PayStack payment platform API, as well as using React.js text editor. The server side was built purely with procedural PHP technique and MySQL for the database. Last but not the least, i integrated Google Map API into these for easy navigation and location of customer by the agents coming to pick their waste.

Challenges I ran into

It was an easy ride creating these program, as there are vast information about almost everything out there. Little issues where fixed by lookups and trials. Although it was a daunting task while customizing the styless draft.js but found a fix for it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was happy to learn how to integrate a text editor to my project as well as understanding the google map api functionalities like geolocation, imagery, routes , markers, info windows and more. I was also able to build nifty functions for sorting, decompiling and more that i used all around these program. One of which is converting html string to JSX, normally the only solution is using dangerouslyInsertHtml, but the name was scary enough for me to find a fix function that prevents injection bug, which i did.

What I learned

I learn a lot about state management, redux, google map and how to integrate payment platform as well as text editor to my project. I also leant a lot about structuring and management of data in a logical format.

What's next for Swiip

I hope to move from class to functional state, as well as improve the coding for the application, add a bit more security as well as fix some critical bugs. Once done, i hope to improve the program in general, create awareness and sales marketing, as well as contacting important parties on how to implement the project worldwide.

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