Ac a customer, I want to order some food from swiggy, but I'm not sure what to order? Due to lot of options available, I'll get confused on what to order.

What it does

As a food delivery app, I would like to display what all the similar users around me usually order which the user may try to order. So we will display these two data based on food category and item id

How I built it

With the help of available order and item metadata, we are passing all the data of the customer and entire transaction data to our recommendation engine which will calculate all the near by users based on the geohash, then to find the similar customers we are using pearson correlation algorithm and to fetch the recommended categories we are using colaborative filtering algorithm.

Challenges I ran into

What is data science?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Used Pearson Correlation, and Collaborative Filtering

What I learned

Data Science, Python

What's next for Swiggy_Recommendation

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