We were inspired by the clearly intimidating climate around us. We wanted to find a way to turn that climate into less of an obstacle for restaurant businesses, large or small, by developing a clean, malleable tool for maintaining safe and swift services.

What it does

Managers - Design your workspace. Divide your restaurant into covid-regulation spaced dining spots. Manage your schedule, and know who's coming before they're there. Customers - Have your food when you want it, with no contact necessary. Plan to perfection, login and decide where and what you'll be eating. Maybe our chat bot can interest you in an extra desert or help you place an order!

How I built it

We developed a dashboard for two separate users, both with different levels of access to the restaurant layout. We focused on a minimalistic design to accentuate the possibilities our app offers, and streamline service.

Challenges I ran into

We lost a team member a few hours in, and we're each working with frameworks that take us out of our element. Honestly, though, just a couple of bumps in the road on the way to developing what we feel is a substantial project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of our Customizable restaurant layout, clean UI with NCR's design standards, and chatbot functionality.

What I learned

We've all basically delved into some new frameworks together, we will all be adding tools like Dialog Flow, React, and Google Cloud SQL to our personal repositories.

What's next for SwiftServe

Next, we hope to introduce more ML aspects to our project. How can we provide further human-like services with our chatbot? What ways would we be able to lessen the burden on restaurants further with our collected data? In what way can we use customer feedback to bring about real change in a restaurant?

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