Inspiration- Our inspiration came from looking ahead at our futures in college. After living with our parent for 18 years, college is the place where you gain responsibilities and become independent. One responsibility that can be hard for many college students is saving. Most students in college are going to be working at a job to help pay off the expenses of college, and many people struggle with how to spend and distribute their money. We tried to help college students understand their financial responsibilities.

What it does

SwiftSaver is an application where users, particularly college students, get a chance to gain better control and understanding of their finances. Our app provides great tips and tools to help you become more aware of your expenses. We learn how you spend your money with a series of questions in our user info page. After you submit your answers, head over to the calculator page to get a comparison of how you currently spend your money every month and how you should spend your money every month.

How we built it

We built our program by using Python and tkinter for the GUI. In our AP Computer Science Principles class last year, we developed new and creative ways to make a GUI look more aesthetically pleasing and we incorporated that into our program too. We made our logos and subpage banners using google draw and importing the png file into our GUI. We had to first come up with an algorithm to make the window and once we got that, we made new functions for every page by using the Toplevel function to "redirect" the user to the page of their choice. We created our tips page by creating individual labels that read each of the 10 tips. The User Info page was created by using the label and entry functions where each question would be represented through the label and the entry would go along beside it. After the user fills out the questionnaire, they click the save button which saves all of the answers in a csv file which is later retrieved in the calculator page. The calculator page asks the user for their monthly income and savings and determines what how much you should be spending based off of your answers. We split the goals up of how much you should distribute to necessities, wants, and savings. We take the total income and a twelfth of your savings and multiply them by certain .5 (necessities), .3(wants), .2(savings) so that you should be aware of how you should spend your money. Then we give a side by side comparison for your current spending habits and it lets you know what you need to improve on spending-wise. It does this by retrieving the csv data from the user info, that is why we tell users to click the user info first. The last page is the about us which tells users a bit more about our experience and our mission by using labels and importing pictures of us.  

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into were fixing the issue between the packs and grid functions. On the calculator page, we noticed that the window function uses pack, but we used grid to make the results more easier for the user to read.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to make a streamlined application that is easy to use and works efficiently to bring up a coherent result based on user inputs.

What I learned

We learned that it's much more difficult to make an application given a time constraint but it is a welcome challenge. We also learned how to utilize tools to create a modern GUI.

What's next for SwiftSaver

We hope to make the calculator tool a bit more personal for the user to really understand what they need to work on and give them specialized tips based on their habits. We would also like to add a dark/light mode toggle.

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