We were inspired by the theme #mobility. We decided we want to do a project in this field to help people save time going from different places where they have tasks to do(for example work, grocery shopping, going to the bank, eating out, etc.). Our program optimizes their time and routes so that they can do all these things faster. Our program, using a smart algorithm can propose a route, which takes the least time. Thanks to this improvement in user mobility, they waste less time!

What it does?

When you have many different tasks to do, all in different locations, you most probably want to complete them as fast as possible. So you try to plan how and when to do them - but this is hard and you might not even come up with the best solution. Anyway, you might be wasting some of your important time commuting between those places. Well, our app solves this problem, the problem of all modern people, who hugely lack time. It plans all of the user's events into an optimal schedule, making sure that they don't have to waste any more of their time and can focus more on interesting things, ex. programming! The app shows what you should do and when. It's easy to read from so the user experience is pleasant.

How I built it

We built it as a web-app so that everyone, both on computers and smartphones can use the application. Thanks to that, it has the potential to reach a lot of different users, all around the world. It was built mainly in Python, using flask, also with the python and javascript google cloud APIs, jquery, javascript, HTML, CSS. We also created a database

Challenges I ran into

We had a problem with the python-javascript integration. However, we were able to overcome it. We also encountered many, smaller problems but thanks to perseverance and each other's help. Some of these include: the algorithm decided to stop working, the app to stop rendering the templates, the google API integration was cut. However, as mentioned earlier, we were able to solve all of these problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The most important thing in this project is the backend - and most notably our advanced, custom, optimization backtracking heuristic algorithm, which schedules user events so they spend the least possible amount of their time on travel and getting from one place to another. Thanks to this, they can do tasks faster and have more time for example for programming. Another great thing is the use of the Google API, which not only optimizes the route between locations but also helps in user input - the g-cloud API is both in Python and JavaScript!

What I learned

We pretty much learned every one of these tools while doing this project - the Google API, the flask framework, the algorithm, jQuery and yet we are very proud of the results. This, without a doubt, will be beneficial to our future projects so we will be able to use these technologies in them! This hackathon has been a great learning experience for us. Also, we have learned about complex project management and dividing tasks.

What's next for SwiftPlan

We already have many awesome features! However, we will add a beautiful login GUI (which is ready and only needs to be linked to the project) and the User screen, where they can edit settings or add friends to activities. But the most important thing for us is automation: we want to implement Machine Learning models to predict events so users don't have to add them - our program will learn based on the user. We also want to add other languages so more people will be able to use the program. We also want to make custom apps!

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