Many people today aren't aware of the rising cybersecurity attacks and password breaches due to their simple passwords. We decided to build a program from scratch using Python that helps users verify if they have a strong password based on specific conditions, and if not, we generate a complex password for them.

What it does

SwiftPass can validate the strength of passwords and generate new strong passwords. When the program checks password strength, it checks if it has met the conditions that it is 8 characters long, it has both letters and numbers, it has upper case and lower case letters, and it includes special characters.

How we built it

We built SwiftPass using Python, and we incorporated if statements and flag variables to check if user-entered passwords fit the criteria for a strong password. We also utilized the random library to generate a random strong password that uses characters from the alphabet, numbers, and special characters.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we had was coming up with conditions for checking the user's current password, specifically checking if the current password has both letters and numbers. To fix this, we had to change our approach and use flag variables instead which allowed us to use one if statement to check whether the user's password is strong or not.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to check to see if the user currently has a strong password or not based on certain conditions we set which should be a norm for all passwords. (8 characters, letters, numbers, upper and lower case, and symbols).

What we learned

We learned the process that goes into making and checking passwords by using certain conditions we used, and sometimes even more! It was great to be on the backend to see how these actions are performed. When we create a password, we don't think about if it is strong or not, which is why we also wanted to include another option which gave the user a randomly generated code filled with letters, numbers, upper and lower case, and symbols.

What's next for SwiftPass

For us, we believe that SwiftPass has the potential to venture out and explore and fix other problems in cybersecurity. We may create a GUI for our current program to make it more user friendly and see what we can do from there.

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