SwiftMeet optimizes business travel by recommending meetings according to location & potential for increased sales.

Market Size

Companies are projected to spend over $1 trillion on business trips this year. SwiftMeet allows companies to make the most out of their business travel.


SwiftMeet uses Force.com, Heroku, the Crunchbase API, and the SendGrid API. A business traveler can access his or her schedule via mobile device, and can then indicate what times he or she has available for business meetings during a scheduled trip. As soon as the availability is set, SwiftMeet makes recommendations about other businesses to meet with. This includes current customers and people in your pipeline, as well as new customers.

SwiftMeet uses Force.com to identify relevant people in your current pipeline. It uses the Crunchbase API to identify new business opportunities, according to industry, relevance to your business, location, and potential for increased sales.

With one click, users can select which business contacts they want to meet with, and SwiftMeet automates an email with details of a request to meet. With the SendGrid API, we can easily track the status of a meeting request, seeing if the email has been received, opened, and the status of the reply.


SwiftMeet drives business by supporting three key functions:

  • Increasing sales funnel
  • More efficiently identify new potential business
  • Better cultivate current business contacts
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