Our inspiration for this app was the difficulties students face during studying. Often, by the time students finish their notes their isn't time to practice displaying knowledge before the test. Having to write Quizlets after writing pages of notes is exhausting and time consuming--especially when we usually don't have that time to spend.

What it does

Swift Study analyzes the JPG or PDF files you upload and provides test questions to quiz you on the information. Following your answer to the question, it provides you with a correct answer--the sentence which your question was based on. Swift Study can also digitize your handwritten notes.

How we built it

First, we explored how we could use the OpenAI API to convert the digitized notes into questions and answers that students can use to practice for assessments. For the portion that converts the handwritten notes to digitized notes (through a JPG), we explored many options but decided to use Amazon Web Systems (AWS). For the actual app development, we used Flutter. Lastly, to turn connect all these portions, we had to create an API with the code that our app could access and use.

Challenges we ran into

In order to complete this project, we had to download new software (Flutter and Visual Studio). These downloads took nearly 3 hours which was a huge chunk out of time when we could have been doing work. Otherwise, there weren't many big challenges which were difficult for us to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is compromised of three freshmen from TJ and a junior from Lake Braddock SS. We are extremely proud with what we were able to create at our first hackathon. We had also created this team only 2 hours before the team form was due. One of our members learned a new language using Flutter. Being able to come up with an idea, decide how we'll accomplish it, and work together to implement it is something we're also very proud of.

What we learned

In our journey of constructing this app we learned several new concepts and ways to program. Instead of using pytesseract (which took up too much space), we utilized Amazon Web Services instead. We also implemented Flutter, an open source framework used for contructing multi-platform apps from a single codebase. This was a new way to build applications for us.

What's next for Swift Study

Swift Study will continue helping students master content and becoming more accurate in their response questions. We hope to add in more test question features like fill in the blank, application problems, diagrams, and flow charts.

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