The main inspiration behind this Pod-folio for the team Swift Megaminds was to create a platform where the member Megaminds can showcase the awesome projects that they will be building in the upcoming MLH Fellowship hackathon sprints.

What it does

It's a portfolio website for Pod 2.1.1, containing an overview of the pod members, the pod leader, and the projects that we have worked on/will be working on, along with a timeline of the MLH Fellowship.

How we built it

The project tech-stack includes the following:

  • Jekyll (as the underlying framework)
  • HTML-SASS-Javascript
  • GitHub-Pages (Deployment)

Challenges we ran into

Here are some of the challenges that the team ran into while building the website:

  • Deciding on a tech-stack since different team members are used to working with different technologies
  • All were newbies to Jekyll
  • Collaboration due to different time-zones

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Most of the team members were new to web development, yet we worked together to complete the website

What we learned

  • Collaborating in a team spread out over different time zones was certainly one of the biggest takeaways from this hackathon.
  • Many members got a basic level experience of web development as well.

What's next for Swift Megaminds Portfolio

Slowly shifting the codebase to React over the period of next 11 weeks

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