Minimalist design is a large interest of mine. I also began living on my own this summer as a college student. I wanted to design an app which was easy to use and could track my expenses, making sure I stay within a certain budget.

How it works

Swift Budget is the easiest way to quickly track your expenses when you're out and about. There is no need for the extra clutter seen in most expense tracking apps. Simply enter your budget and click the +/- buttons as you spend your money. It is perfect for when you go out to dinner, the amusement park, or somewhere else where you need to track your expenses without having to log exactly what each item is. Swift Budget hopes to save you time and money!

Challenges I ran into

I had some trouble importing my library, fixing the positions of items and saving variable data. All of this was very new to me, so the whole app was a good challenge!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I began learning android development two weeks ago. I promised myself that by the end of the tutorial playlist I was watching that I'd finish my first app within five days. I completed it today and just submitted it to the Google play store! I made the app icon too which I am proud of!

What I learned

How to make and position a pie chart. How to save data for variables when the app is exited

What's next for Swift Budget

I hope to add more functionality in the future. I for-see a drop-down menu for a "Daily", "Weekly", and "Monthly" budget. Swift Budget would track and record each day's expenditures. This data could provide useful feedback and graphics for the user.

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