We all have witnessed how many people went crazy in the supermarkets and stores with the virus outbreak. This led to the lack of supply, impacting people that were not able to be there at the right time. In addition, the social distancing policies created long queues - which also puts people at risk - without any guarantee that the desired products might be available.

What it does

Our App will provide an interface between citizens, the government and key city suppliers (such as supermarkets, hospitals, ...) to help rationing goods, managing supplies and minimizing risks of contamination with unnecessary gathering and waiting time.

How we built it

  1. We started by identifying who would be users and "clients", outlining their needs and our value proposition.
  2. We translated needs into features necessary for the App to work, and eventually into an App screen map
  3. We used the Justinmind prototyping tool to make a clickable prototype, accessible here

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the exact actors and defining a true value proposition required more time than expected. With the help of our Mentor, we reoriented the production plan to have something robust.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Building a prototype in three days, when none of us had done it before
  • Conceptualizing a complete product from user's need to the release strategy

What we learned

  • It is possible to build a project from scratch together with someone you just met over skype
  • It is key to identify where the biggest proposition is, and who you should join forces with for your product to have a chance to see the world
  • Prototyping with justmind

What's next for CitiApp

We want to build the App and make the booking functions available to any supermarket owner. To do so we want to:

  • Find one or more partners in the food distribution in Switzerland that would deploy the idea
  • Raise funds (maybe from these same partners) to pay the team and infrastructure to build the App (estimated to round CHF 40'000 for the V1)
  • Deploy the app in Switzerland in the stores of our partners, while making the app available to every store or supplier in the world

Once we will have enough users, we will see to partner up with the swiss confederation to deploy the solution for other institutions

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