We were inspired by the huge breakthrough that Solana has made over the past year and by our own belief in the prosperous future of the project. We’ve been watching the rapid exponential growth of the ecosystem and the appearance of amazing projects that the Solana community delivers.

Our personal development experience shows how important it is to have handy tools for deploying solutions fast in order to remain competitive in the crypto market.

We believe that Solana, arguably the best technological solution in the space, should also lead in adopting the best practices of development.

What it does

Basic capabilities and features of SWI:

A filesystem with immutable structure. Compilation of Solana program. Download feature of the compile program. Error highlighting. Initial template based on solana-helloworld. Public codebase on GitHub.

Challenges we ran into

No challenges were encountered, thanks to the past experience with Solana blockchain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solana blockchain capabilities can fulfill the aims of any dApp. But the main obstacle on the way for any new developer, joining the Solana ecosystem, is the complexity of development and deployment. That was the first problem we faced, which incentivized us to create SWI. At this moment, there are no existing IDEs for Solana, so SWI is a pioneer in this space.

We’re proud that we managed to create something non-profit, open to anyone, with the potential to help thousands of developers. Another point that makes us proud is that we delivered a working PoC for 3 days (development stage only).

What we learned

There are several noteworthy things that we’ve learned while developing SWI. Solana is quite new and has many available opportunities. We’ve noticed the lack of projects of a certain type like dev tools, on Solana, and our focus drifted in that direction.

Moreover, we understand that thousands of developers working with Solana now could be much more efficient and deliver solutions much faster. Also, those devs that are only researching it, due to the growing popularity of this blockchain, could be easily onboarded if the blockchain platform provided easy-to-use and helpful dev tools.

What's next for SWI (Solana Web IDE)

Our Roadmap is as follows:

September Deployer binding & Wallet connection. This will allow binding most popular Solana wallets (including Ledger) to perform program deployment. The release of a landing page and docs

October Workspace management (import/export). File system handling. This will allow the user to create/delete files. (only editing allowed at the moment) Codesharing. This will allow for sharing workspace code via shortcut links

November BPF, Solana-CLI Versioning. Dark/Light theme Optimized user session handling. Currently the session is persisted as is. Further development includes optimization and adding on-demand storage (encoded and decoded).


  • Integration of testing framework to allow writing tests in Go.
  • Import/export of workspaces via Git (GitHub, GitLab).
  • Code boilerplates . This will allow starting a new project from not only solana-helloworld, but also other Solana GitHub repositories, such as solana-program-library, serum, etc.

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