Education has always fallen behind in therms of improvement and innovation. It fails to accommodate people with a variety of learning styles, and is very linear in terms of development. We strive to break the mold of traditional education, and push it towards a system that is compatible with all sorts of learners.

What it does

This virtual reality model of both the animal and plant cell displays information about each organelle when the organelle is gazed upon. Users will be able to immerse themselves in a realistic, 3D model of the cells they all life is made of.

How I built it

Using A-Frame, an open-source web framework maintained by Mozilla and the WebVR community, we created a virtual environment that displays the animal cell and the plant cell, which their respective organelles around them. Using Blender, we built custom 3D models to place into our virtual space, and animated them using Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Aligning all of the elements in the virtual environment provided to be a considerable challenge, as the positioning system in A-Frame is bulky and repetitive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to make a pop-up appear upon looking at one of the many organelles arranged around the cell, which required the use of Javascript in conjunction to A-Frame.

What I learned

We expanded our knowledge of A-Frame through this project, and learned how to better handle user events and custom models.

What's next for Swell Cells

Expanding the library for visual content is what we see as the next step in expanding this project.

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