SweetSpot is San Diego's favorite all-purpose parking application for android devices. SweetSpot allows San Diegans to park with peace of mind. The key features to SweetSpot is that it allows users to mark their location on a map via an android GPS enabled device, set an alarm for a parking meter, and have quick access to city contact phone numbers regarding transportation.

Sweet n Sour: When a user marks their parking location, they are given information to determine whether the parking spot is "sweet" or "sour". A sweet spot is indicated by informing the user that there are no scheduled street sweeping activities that pose a threat of ticketing or possible towing. Conversely, when a threat is eminent, the parking spot will be considered sour. After enjoying what Americas Finest City has to offer, have no fear of finding your vehicle. With SweetSpot's "Find Car Spot" functionality, walking directions are given to the user on how to return to their car.

Set n Forget: SweetSpot makes life easier for those who choose to use the alarm function. When parking at a meter, users can enter their parking meter time under "Meter Alarm" and not have to worry about remembering when to move their car. SweetSpot will remind the user before the meter time expires in order to avoid unwanted parking citations.

On Blast: SweetSpot comes fully packed with important parking/transportation/contact information. From pre-paid parking card information to towing information, SweetSpot has the user one click away from direct calling vital City services.

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