I've had recurring nightmares before and I know people who do, and I know how effective DBT nightmare protocol can be. When telling other people about nightmare protocol I wished there was an easier way than walking people through it to explain it myself, so I made an app to walk people through nightmare protocol.

What it does

SweetDreams is based on the recurring/trauma nightmare protocol used in dialectical behavioral therapy, giving anyone access to these coping mechanisms. It walks users through the DBT skills of mindfulness, grounding, nonjudgemental stance, and radical acceptance, while conditioning them with an alternate ending to their nightmare with a more positive outcome. This process has been shown to help people with recurring nightmares, and SweetDreams makes it an easier and less technical, easily accessible project for anyone, even people who may have trouble carrying out the skills on their own in the times of distress.

How I built it

I used multiple activities in Android Studio, using the languages Java and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

Android Studio had some flaws in its downloads that I had to research how to resolve. Additionally, I wasn't sure at first how to toggle more than one activity in each class. I overcame these struggles by learning more about what was wrong and about how Android Studio works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wasn't aware of how little I knew about Android Studio, so I learned a whole lot about Android Studio, troubleshooting programming bugs, and my own resilience in the past few days, and I coped with what I didn't know using alternatives and my own approaches towards the issues in the code.

What I learned

I learned about intent, the View class, what OnCreate is, and many other different parts of Java and Android Studio and how and why they work. I also learned about editing in an XML file and about XML test and how it can be used and referenced in a program.

What's next for SweetDreams

I'd like to add more mindfulness exercises, such as accurate grounding and self-soothe. I'd also like to add an automated system that allows you to save multiple recurring nightmares, and would give you different statements automatically for each nightmare. I really want to be able to publish this. I think it would help a lot of people, and I know it would have helped me had I had something like it when I started using my nightmare protocol. I definitely don't think I want this to be the end for SweetDreams, at least not for now.

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