Basically, I took a meme too far. Came up with this at 4am on Tuesday and decided it would make a great hack project.

Context is that a lot of people wanted the "Sweet Victory" song played at the super bowl to honour Stephen Hillenburg but this ended up being replaced with "Sicko Mode" after being led to believe it was going to be played.

What it does

MITMs connections, looking for images that resemble parts of the scene from spongebob and replaces them with the "Sicko Mode" album cover.

How I built it

  • Split the whole scene from spongebob into jpegs.
  • Ran imagehash on each frame and stored it in a list
  • Created a mitmproxy plugin that looks at all responses that contain images.

I was also working on the following to get extra data:

  • A script to scrap r/BikiniBottomTwitter on Reddit to get even more spongebob memes to filter.

Beyond just images, I implemented a chrome extension to change all references to "Sweet Victory" to "Sicko Mode".

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting the mitmproxy plugin working was kinda a pain.
  • Unreliability in detection.
  • Reddit scrapping returned a lot of duplicates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Taking this waaaaay to far.

What I learned

  • Writing plugins for mitmproxy
  • Using imagehash, limits surrounding it's usage, etc.

What's next for Sweet Sicko Mode

  • Improving reliability. Will work on applying distortions to our existing dataset to we have better examples to check against.
  • Need to make it handle more file formats and also data URIs. (Why I have to use Bing to demo it)
  • Integrate it's components better.
  • You could probably hack this into other things. It's literally a library to find certain types of images

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