We wanted to solve the disconnect between having cryptocurrencies and using them for everyday purchases.

What it does

Using only current infrastructure, Sweet Payments enables customers to shop with Ethereum at any store where credit and debit cards are excepted. The customer uses their existing card and pays in eth, but the merchant receives USD. Sweet Payments creates a parrels crypto transaction, that corresponds to the card payment, which is blind to the merchant. By creating a parrel crypto transaction outside the card network, we can support the ubiquity of card services. Sweet payments, connects to your crypto wallet and bank account, enabling any card to pay in crypto

How we built it

We built a backend on AWS that handles the USD transactions and then creates the parrel Etherium transaction. On the front end, we build an iOS app that relies on to connect users and customers service to verify our user's identity.

Challenges we ran into

Completing transactions in near real time. This is difficult because banks typically take two days. By executing book transfers and fronting the money, we were able to tackle this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a solution we are excited to use. We are very proud that we solved an issue with crypto adoptance.

What we learned

We learned a lot about book transfers, Solidarity, and This being the first time that we worked with, holds as a complete learning experience. Going from no knowledge to being able to build an app with it.

What's next for Sweet Payments

BUILD! Our team is planning on incorporating and trying to acquire a seed round.

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