Depression is not a normal part of growing older, yet the elderly are at an increased risk of experiencing depression than any other age group. The CDC reports that around 10-15 percent of elderly living in communities experience symptoms of depression, yet this number jumps to a staggering 52 percent when in elderly care homes, as aged care residents often feel isolated from their communities and as a result turn de-sensitized and apathetic towards their surroundings. Not to mention, according to the Cleveland Clinic depression can severely worsen conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s Disease, and a plethora of other diseases, even increasing the chance of a heart attack by a minimum of 15 percent, which is clearly detrimental towards our elderly communities.

What it does

To combat this problem, our application “Sweet Old Home”, introduces volunteers from the community to spend time with senior citizens who are in need of assistance, this assistance can include tasks such as taking the senior citizen to walks around the park, helping them with groceries and even offering emotional support. As mentioned before, more than half (52%) of aged care residents have symptoms of depression, compared with 10-15% of older people living in the community. Offering them support through the community and giving them personal support and care can combat these chronic diseases and depression.

How I built it

We built this app on Visual Studio Code, using HTML, Javascipt, CSS, and PHP, and we stored the data of the users in Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran into include not being able to store the proper values in Firebase

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments I'm proud of are being able to store the events in firebase and display them for everyone on different accounts

What I learned

I learned that Firebase is an incredibly useful tool for any developer, as storing data becomes easy using Cloud Firestore

What's next for Sweet Old Home

We have just scratched the surface with the potential this application has. In the future, our business model will revolve around revenue from ads. As we only had a week, we decided to structure our very own and never seen before type of volunteering opportunity, around the elderly, where volunteering services have often gone unnoticed. But as we continue to expand on this web app, we will start adding other areas of volunteering services, such as opportunities in medicine, politics, construction, etc., that volunteers can use to specifically find different volunteering opportunities, network with other organizers and volunteers, and truly make our communities a better place for the past, present, and future generations. To make our web application better for the user, we plan to add features in the future, such as a google maps system to track users' location for safety purposes. We also plan to have an interactive messaging network between the senior citizen and the volunteer. This app is also able to be used with many volunteering service groups as a senior citizen can request for a whole group such as musicians, artists etc.

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