Our project is an IOS app called “Sweep”. The main goal of Sweep is to give schools without the means to acquire educational technology a tool to improve the classroom experience by collecting instant feedback from students. The way we do this is by giving a set of QR codes to each student (each QR code is unique and corresponds to that student’s name and multiple choice answer). When the teacher asks a question, each student raises one answer card. The teacher then Sweeps the room with his or her phone and instantly receives the students’ answers. In addition, the questions and answers are stored so that the students’ question-answering history can be accessed at a later time. This app can be used to do in-class polls, quizzes, or tests. It improves time efficiency in the classroom and gives teacher a way to assess the class’s understanding without putting students on the spot.

Prizes we are eligible for: 1) Duolingo Social Impact Prize 2) GoDaddy's Social Impact Prize 3) Google's Social Impact Prize

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