We want to help students to be more social and help them to connect to each other based on their sports interests. Sports is the best communication tool so we believe it will really help students to be more active, social and healthier.

What it does

It collects students basic information about their sports interests and finds people with similar interests. This platform helps students organize their sports activities from A to Z. For example, if you are looking for soccer, golf, or ski diving partners you can easily find them on this platform.

How we built it

Sins we have very limited time we build it on Wordpress using custom PHP and also we start brainstorming on our future mobile app

Challenges we ran into

Luck of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ready to use complete project

What we learned

xcode, html, css, wordpress, php

What's next for Sweatmeet

web based app polishing, launching a mobile app

Built With

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