We initially thought of social issues, specifically CO2 emissions in building systems. We brainstormed how to use fabrics to help battle this issue in buildings. We thought that this product allowed for a new envelope system that can be used on any building that could be lacking in CO2 efficiency.

What it does

Provides additional insulation to an existing building that may be lacking in building systems efficiency. The membrane also opens and closes to allow heat in and out based on the outside temperature.

How we built it

Designed through Rhinoceros and produced using a laser cutter with acrylic glass and jersey knit fabrics. Also using Fologram combined with Hololens to visualize the designs.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many issues with the laser cutter not cutting all the way through the acrylic. This added unnecessary delays.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking about knitted textiles at a scale able level, up to a building scale.

What we learned

We learned that knitting could be used for more than just clothes or items involving the human scale.

What's next for Sweater Weather

We have interests in the qualities of fabric for construction systems that allow for more variability. In other words, we like the idea of having the fabric be stretchy and easy to use.

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