The IWE presentations regarding the sources of influences inspired us to create an app to help facilitate good habits in people. Walking around the HackBCA facilities, we noticed a lot of swearing among hackers and mentors, and so we decided to create a digital version of the swear jar.

What it does

Swear Jar is a mobile application that listens to your everyday speech and logs whenever you use a designated swear word. Upon hearing this word, the application communicates with our web app and registers the swear in the database. For each time the user swears, 50 cents is donated from their Venmo account to the charity Give Directly which strives to help impoverished families in both Kenya and Uganda. In addition, users are able to view their stats for the day and compete against friends to see who swears the least.

How we built it

Our web application was built on Amazon Web Services with node.js backend and HTML5 and CSS3 frontend. The mobile application was created for android and uses the Twilio API to text results to users as their swears are registered.

Challenges we ran into

We lost Nikhil for like 3 hours (But seriously, interfacing between the mobile and web apps was difficult)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally got the mobile application to communicate with the web application using node.js and interfacing that with the Twilio API.

What we learned

We learned a plethora of new information regarding the psychology of habits and what causes people to do what they do. This education helped for us to tailor our application for maximum usage among consumers

What's next for Swear Jar

We hope to expand our web application to multiple countries and support various languages. In addition, we hope that the user will soon be able to donate to the charity of their choice.

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