** Wanted to create an interactive website to help people learn ML algorithms. **

What it does

It lets the learners choose any of the ML algorithm they want and then loads in the steps to perform
along with the predictions.
The user can interact to choose the predictions for any value of that particular algorithm.
Visualizations are added in between the models to give the learners an idea as to why a particular
operation was performed (like why we selected a particular variable for prediction of some other

How we built it

I built it with streamlit, python.
Used machine learning algos, various libraries for data preprocesing and modelling.
Saved the models and visualized the variables and model predictions.

Challenges we ran into

Streamlit does not have multiple page feature.
So I had to add a framework to make sure I could add multiple pages to the web App.
Also I only had 3 hours to do this since I had some other events during the weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Works well and its my first freely available ML course.

What we learned

How to add multiple pages functionality and use APIs in Streamlit.
Preprocessing Data
Use the various models in ML.
Rendering Visualizations.

What's next for Self Learn ML

I will keep on adding ML algorithms and make the content better as I go forward.

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