SWAT is a pioneer renewable energy company with innovative solution, which integrate wind and solar energy with IOT technology for the future in Egypt and the world. We design, develop, install, monitor, and control distributed energy system. Our patent and R&D approach by experts and testimonials Key industry players. We provide (Solar Wind Automatic Turbine) system with innovative techniques to generate power all the day.

Our Solution:

  1. Generate energy from solar and wind during sunshine and from wind at night.
  2. System control with IOT to facilitate system management for users and increase quality outcomes for industries.
  3. Water conservation with irrigation control to increase the density and efficiency of energy.
  4. Increase crops quality through irrigation control solutions.
  5. Facilitate electricity generation for remote villages
  6. Reduce the operation cost with higher efficiency.
  7. Increase the green energy density in Egypt.

Our Idea contributes in:

a- Environmental Impact: Our product will contribute in increasing the capacity of green energy in Egypt, which will lead to decrease the pollution rate in the future and help in food security solutions. b- Energy Availability: Our product will contribute in increasing the availability rate for generating electricity all the day. This will enlarge the generated energy between 60-130% compared to conventional solar system, which will encourage the reliability on the green energy in many regions. c- Efficiency: Our product will contribute in increasing the efficiency of solar system by cooling the solar panels and single axis tracking. In addition, the tilting angle increases the efficiency of turbine up to 20% and using IOT technology to control the system. d- Cost Reduction: Our new features will enlarge the generated energy between 60-130% from the same area and saving more than 15-40% of the cost compared to conventional solar systems. e- Water Conservation: Our product will contribute in efficient usage of water by reducing the evaporation rate in irrigation system compared to conventional solar systems and water management system with IOT system. f- Ease Utilization: Our product will occupy less area capacity than the conventional solar systems.And using technology to facilitate system management to users. Our vision: is a world survive on green energy resources. Our mission: Facilitate access to green energy through innovative system to increase energy density with optimum cost and high efficiency.

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