# Inspiration The Increasing stress among youths and that leading them to bad outputs made us make the project. At least at online platform our project can help them a bit to reduce the stress.

## What it does We have entered in 22 nd century and almost everyone is using internet and it became a part of daily life so we thought of creating solution through internet to a major increasing problem now a days and the most is seen is among youths that it 'Stress'. We have provided many services under one roof(website) and trying to make them stress free through our best efforts. We have created many services like stand up videos, meditation videos , games section to let them forget stress for a while and enjoy, exercise videos for healthy body and many more. We are trying to make our best in it to reduce stress among everyone but our main focus is on youths

## How we built it We built it in form of website. So we didn't used any of the api's its created totally on html,css and javascript part.

## Challenges we ran into It took a lot of time to think about and to designing the CSS portion and many sub pages. CSS and JS portion of website made our task a bit difficult. The resources we used are added after a lot research work hence it took a lot time for finding best things for our project.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of As of now finally after lot of parts we could make UI that atleast upto our expectations. As already mentioned in challenges we ran into it was tough part.

## What we learned We learned a lot things but main we learned is to make it more awesome we need to work on full stack web development and also team work makes best work. We also learned that if you want to make team work awesome we need to have that co-ordination.

## What's next for Swasthyam We are really looking forward to make it more awesome and will look to publish on chrome. We believe that its the best project we have made till the date among all of our projects.

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