We experiment quite a bit at SWARM and waned to build a fun branded Watch Face for Android Wear for no other reason than to build something fun.

How it works

Install SWARMweather on your Wear device and you'll be telling time like never before!

Not sold yet? No problem, there's more!!

For the low low price of free, you'll get more than just a time telling watch face, you'll also get weather pulled into your Android Wear device based on your location! What!? We can't believe it either but it's true!

In NYC, and freezing, no problem. This watch face lets you know!

In Hawaii and it's 86 and Sunny. No problem, this watch face will let you know! Want temperature in Celcius because you're in Europe, no problem!

Sunrise? Sunset? No problem, no problem, no problem! We've got that built in as well.

All this and a selection of background colors can now be yours, simply by clicking the INSTALL button. Supplies will last so hurry now. It's software after all.

SWARM Weather Watch Face Features

  • Location based
  • Lets you select color
  • Tells you weather in Fahrenheit and Centigrade
  • Shows you the weather with a nifty graphic
  • Changes graphics based on sunrise sunset


  • Tells time!!!

Challenges we ran into.

Moto360 mostly, the bottom of the bezel does not line up, and I repeat, does not line up with the emulator. So there was a lot of trial and error with the community. A lot of support issues for different phones as well. Wear is here, but we're still a year off from really amazing apps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

It got featured in Google Play - which was pretty amazing. :)

What's next for SWARMweather.

It's open sourced. We're hoping people will use the codebase and build great wear apps with it.

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