SwarmSigns let's you connect with other "Swarmers" in your geo-location by viewing signs they put up. If you're having a garage sale, looking for a baby-sitter or just want to see what's going on around you, try Swarm Signs.

Swarm Signs uses advanced GPS technology, as well as cutting edge web services to see what Swarm Signs are nearby. You can search for signs with the app, or enable the background Radar mode that scans for signs automatically as you go through your day.

Most other apps force you to setup an account, give up your email address, or otherwise identify yourself. Swarm Signs was designed from the ground up to allow you to get full value from the app without giving any personal information...nada. You simply download the app and start using it, it's that simple.

Swarm Signs simply uses your GPS location to find Signs left by other Swarmers and show them to you. You can even hide the sign's location if you want to post a sign but not have the exact location of it shown on the search results.

Full video: http://youtu.be/iTQ8ikvmSzE

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