As a student that has been learning for 10 years, I was inspired to create this app to assist those who want to learn and are learning Carnatic music in an efficient way and to gain a deeper understanding of the music itself. I have given various concerts in the New England area, but I am still expanding my repertoire as well. I discussed with my grandmother, who is a composer herself, and my mother in what to include in this app, but I did code this app on my own. I hope that this app can help enthusiasts and learners in their Carnatic musical journeys.

What it does

This plays any ragam in a sruti the user selects.

How we built it

I used MIT App Inventor for the GUI and C for calculating and creating the sounds using defined swaras and ragas

Challenges we ran into

Getting a functioning GUI and linking the C code to the GUI for an Android app, and integrating Android Studio IDE properly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a tool that can play ragams at any sruti in a way that any person can imitate regardless of their pitch

What we learned

How to use MIT App Inventor and Android Studio

What's next for SWARAM

To complete the database to include all Carnatic musical ragas and completing the integration of the user interface with the C code

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