Gadgets are becoming smaller, and systems and apps are growing more complex. Consequently, people often don’t know how to use or find different features, but they know their requirements and how to communicate. Often queries raised by users are not addressed due to lack of human workforce at inquiry center.

By replacing conventional user interfaces with chatbots, companies can make customer experiences more straightforward and intuitive .

What it does

It replaces human based assistants/tele-callers by AI Powered Multilingual Chatbots capable of solving user queries Value Proposition : Cut down labor cost, provide 24 X 7 support to consumers. Boost lead generation and nurturing leading into increased revenue. Solve user queries in fraction of seconds in a friendly way i.e. instant responses boosting customer interaction. Increases the scope of improvement in the brand product getting insights analytics from data collected. Reduce extra operational cost on tele-callers.

How we built it

SWAR will learn how to respond to users by analyzing human agent responses necessary for qualitative intent recognition. NLP allows for the ability to extract valuable info what the user has typed or pronounced and transform it into structured data, even if it is incoherently phrased. Tech stack involves : NLP, Python, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT

Challenges we ran into

Increasing the accuracy of responses and customizing every feature from frontend allowing user to have full control over it i.e. creating a completely no code platform for user to create a chatbot and customize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within a limited time period, we have been able to achieve remarkable response from bot using NLP.

What we learned

To make best CRM, we did market research on the same that makes us ready for the future feature list.


-To create Hybrid Customer Experience i.e. along with chat with chatbot, a live agent will be able to take over the chat in the middle of it when needed. -Allow chatbot to take in data, search in database and give response i.e. tracking of information. -Create multiple user accounts with different access roles.

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