Most of us have stuff we have once acquired different items for different purposes over time which were useful to us at the time, but now is just gathering dust in the corner of the room. We aim to connect the people who are experiencing this issue and swap the obsolete items for useful ones with each other.

What it does

SwapSwip is like Tinder, but for items. You authenticate yourself via Facebook. Post pictures and short descriptions of the items you no longer need and wish to add to the app and then start swiping items others have posted to find something you might need. A match is generated when 2 users like items posted by each other. Now they are ready to swap these items, contact information is provided to both parties.

How we built it

We used multiple different technologies i.e AngularJS, Ionic, Apache Cordova, MS SQL and hosted it on MS Azure.

Challenges we ran into

  • Facebook login
  • Android 6 compatibility issues
  • Internet connection issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Design
  • Fully functional back-end

What we learned

  • This was our first attempt at coding something for a mobile device, so basically we learned the basics of mobile development.

What's next for SwapSwip

  • We need to implement the design to the application and work on some front-end improvements.
  • There are also a few functions in mind that we would like to add before launching the app.
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